Book Sales

A group of Friends volunteers sorts book donations as they come into the library, which are shelved for sale. Another group selects books and media and displays them on the book shelves adjacent to the library circulation desk. These books are marked with initial display dates. The continuous sale shelves are continuously restocked. Inventory is taken at the end of the month, unsold books removed and replaced.

The Friends of the Bridgewater Library also hosts pop-up sales twice a year, events where we bring out all materials that have not yet been displayed on the continuous sale. Each of the pop-up sales typically take place over two or three days during library hours.

A volunteer also reviews all available books, places a select group of books online for sale, assigns a competitive price for the books, and ships the books to customers. The payments for the online sales are deposited into the Friends bank account directly from the eBay and Amazon accounts.

Continuous book sale
Continuous book sale

The Friends of the Bridgewater Library also sells materials on Amazon and eBay.